Donna Karan

It's Friday again and it's Friday the 13th!! Do you believe in superstition I sometimes do sometimes don't. It's too hot here in MI, the temperature is 83F and mind you Michiganders are not used to this kind of temperature hehe. Sometimes with this kind of weather everybody thinks of Fall and Winter the coldness is easy to handle than the hotness I guess.
Anyway, since I can't weed at my garden or do anything outside I decided to do my laundry today. Well later in the afternoon I might do the vacuuming but for now I wanted to finished my laundry. I was taking all my bed sheets, comforter and pillow case I noticed most of my stuff are kind of old. I was thinking it is about time I think to buy a new one for I am the kind of person who love to change my bed sheets almost every week. I like it clean and smells good. I found Donna Karan Home bedding the best material ever. It is durable and soft and it's affordable. In you can find all the best stuff that you need for a very good turn out in your home make over. Yup I did that one time when we did our master bedroom and window treatment make over sometime last year. And with their line of  bath accessories that I have just checked two days ago it's fabulous! It's very colorful and can't wait to have some of their products. The stuff that I bought last year I was very satisfied with it because it's their way of giving back to their customers to ensure that they have a good durable stuff so the customers are satisfied forever!


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