At Frankenmuth, Michigan

     In the Philippines, particularly in my hometown city we had religious shrine that people go every time.         Before we go to the shrine we light candles. That boy there is my nephew ^_^

This is what we call Tricycle, this is one of the means of transportation in our city (Philippines). This Tricycle is owned by our neighbor and my nephew is the one on top trying to drive it, but he can't he is too young for this kind of hard labor. I took this picture so my DH relatives here in the US could see and got an idea what is in my hometown city.
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Sandy said…
The tricycle is very interesting..Good job on the photos
Mine's up, too.
I never thought of clock. Nice picture the tricycle looks interesting.

Coffee is on.
Frances said…
I also did multiple photos - so hard to pick just one.
Being an auntie must be so nice - wish I were one too.
The Tricycle is interesting - we have something similar in New York called a Pedicab.
Happy Photo Hunting.
Sue St Clair said…
Great pics for the theme!
Kari said…
that's a colorful tricycle.
nice pics.
I love your numerical choices for today. Beautiful.
I love the clock! And all the pictures are so very interesting.

Thanks for your visit earlier. :)
Carver said…
These are all great choices for the theme. Happy Weekend.
Eds said…
amazing shots!
Irene said…
Nice take. Thanks for dropping by.

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