Pacifico Webtrek

Last night one my DH grandson came to visit us. He is already grown up now. Hubby haven't seen him for quite sometime and he was surprised he is very good looking guy. Anyhow, hubby was happy he saw him and they both had so many things to catch up so they talked about anything and everything, from politics, food, girlfriends, drinks and other funny stuff. He told his grandpa to check Pacifico Webtrek online and he told his grandpa you have to be 18 above to access the video on Youtube. His grandpa laugh so much because he teased him what he thinks of his grandpa's age then lol. Anyhow, the ended up watching it together and they had fun bonding for a short time. Now my DH told me that he is going to call him all the time because he thinks he was left out for quite sometime. That's a good one!


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