Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kind of worried today

This morning I was waiting patiently for my niece to go online and when she did she told me that the Doctor told her that she had meningo occemia. I Google it immediately and what I read is not good. Her doctor told her that if she is going to have a fever again she will come back and at least it appease my worries. I forgot to asked her if the Doctor gave her a medicine to take but I guess the doctor did so I don't have to worry about that now. I don't know if this meningo occemia is the same as dengue. What I read in my research this meningo occemia comes from the droplets of a person who sneeze or cough and who happens to have this illnesses. And it's spreadable too which makes me worried because my niece has two younger sister and a brother. I told her to tell our house help to set aside her utensils to avoid contamination to the other siblings. While Dengue is from the bite of a mosquito and I don't think if Dengue is spreadable I don't have any information of this yet. I hope tonight my niece won't have any fever and she will be rested it makes me worry. Gush!!

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fredamans said...

Praying for your niece's health.