Musical instrument

Does people realize that inside in us a talent and skills is already instilled on us. Growing up I heard phrases from adults like "you are very talented" but you didn't do anything the kid just do what the kid asked for. Or " I knew you are good at this" but it just came naturally to you. Looking back it was only the family who has money who can buy things that will enhance their talent or skills. Or even enrolled to special classes. Now a days many people are discovered because of so many opportunities waiting for them to come out. 
I remember when I was young there is this band that is composed with old people and they all have different musical instruments that are not common. They played so well that the new talents now a days will be awed with their talents. I was thinking it now that if you buy musical instruments that will help boast your musical talents and you inclined to do it good why not. It is an investment that will make you happy because it's your passion at the same time it might bring money to your pocket too. Out there, there are too many things to offer. It's only for us when to do it and how to get it. 


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