General sir!

I was browsing my picture archive when I found this picture. I remember where I got this photo, a friend of mine email this photo together with the information but I already deleted that email but I did save that photo. Now in my own opinion and just what I see  the person being carried is a high ranking official. I know this is a high ranking military official in the Philippines because the email comes from there but I don't know the name of the person, "yet"! ^_^. Anyhow, what in the world is he doing at the back of that poor guy?? He is much bigger than the person carrying him and what makes it a little bit shameful is that at the back is an another soldier, is he an American soldier or a Filipino. What could he be thinking at that time? For the officer who is  at the back of that guy, is  he  afraid of the shallow water or is he  concern his boots will get wet hahahaha!!
Hmmm aba sosyal to!


imriz said…
haha, this was taken during last year's ONDOY, alongside pictures of teen heartthrobs richard gutierrez braving the murky waters of marikina trying to rescue a teen actress and another teen actor swimming on the mud colored water saving some neighbors. and this OFFICER, wouldn't LET his boots be soaked! what a shame!
Manang Kim said…
Hehe nakaka-amuse na nakaka-gigil din!

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