Maxair ride

Have you been to any amusement park and ride their tremendous breathtaking rides? The first time I visited an amusement park is four or five years ago. It's Cedar point, Ohio that hubby took me. When we arrived the place we were at the gate and I saw those rides from afar I get so excited already. I told hubby I am going to ride all of the rides, hubby told me one thing he would never ride even one. So when we were inside the first ride I rode was Max Air. And oh my goodness for the record I swear I holler so much hubby told me he could hear my voice. Is hubby exaggerating? I don't know but what I am sure I got so tired after 3 rough rides and decided not to ride anymore unless it is kiddie rides haha. After that first experienced when we went for a vacation in Florida, I do ride in there tough rides but I limit myself to three and that's it! LOL! Now summer is almost over I so love to go to Cedar Point for just the ride I guess to relieve stress you have to holler till you drop?? Hehehe!


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