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Wow been at the supermarket store today and I saw mommy's tagging along with kids buying school supplies. Where ever I go even in the department stores, I saw more mommy's buying new clothes and shoes more specially winter clothes, shoes and boots. I see the faces of the kids very attentive and eager to have new school supplies and clothing I think many kids are excited to go back to school they are bored of summer lol!
Last weekend, that is what our topic, about the kids who are going back to school most specially those who are in their K12 and first time college student.  DH granddaughter is going to college for the first time and the mom is excited at the same time sad, tears are flowing lol!! But Angie was too nice to her daughter she arrange everything that her daughter wanted in school. First she knew that her daughter is a bit poor in math so she told her she could use what is available online. The Math homework help and Free math help  is just a grasp for her online. This are programs that anybody could avail. It is an online tutoring for K12 students and even college students. My step-daughter grandkid too is going to be in K12 this September and she wanted to be prepare. Her mom assured her that she would have no problem in Math homework because her mom knew about Free homework help online. I like kids who have plans most specially in their education. It's a tough world out there and competition is high. So to face it we have to prepare for it, just very thankful that in this generation there are sites who is reliable and ready to help most specially about Math subject that for me is hard ^_^


Tes said…
Math is not my favorite subject. The kids now are lucky they have so much help available. :)
business news said…
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