Hostage drama in the Philippines

My brother was a cop in the Philippines and last two days ago, he message me in FB if I knew about the hostage drama just happened in Manila. Well that day Monday, my step-daughter who happened to watched a news saw it and so she immediately called me and that's when I looked at the internet and there it is all the drama unfolded.
At first I didn't know what happened, who are the hostage and who is/are the hostage taker. Then I found out the next day that the hostage taker is a cop officer that seems has a shady activities and I think he was asked to be out as a government official. And then as I knew of, he was asking for a retirement fee but never came. That's when he took the hostages. The hostages are  tourist from Hongkong and China. It was a bus full load of tourist that this hostage taker toke. With the whole day of drama, in the end the hostage taker got killed and many tourist got killed. This makes the China government to put the Philippines a black list to travel. Can't blame them! 


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