Do you laugh a lot with your hubby?

Last night, hubby came to bed pretty early. But since we can't sleep right away we talked. Then it came to me to asked him a question if he likes to listen to my story telling about Romeo and Juliet! Here it goes...

Me: Honey do you like to hear the story about Romeo and Juliet? It's a very tragic story.
Hubby: Okey go for it.
Me: (Start to tell the story about Romeo and Juliet with all the emotion and the high and low tone of my voice. You see I am a frustrated actress lol!) The End!
Hubby: Hmmm that sounds like they are a bunch of young kids!
Me : Well I thin they are very young when they get so in love.
Hubby: Hmmm
Me : Do you like to listen the story of Les Miserable or The scarlet letter?
Hubby : What about Goldilocks and the three bears.
Me : (cracked a loud laugh)

That's how we are all the time. I like to make my hubby laugh and so he is too. Sometimes when it is a moody day for me, hubby will just let me get over it and I also think why do I have to do this when it's my choice to be happy or not!! Always all the time I choose to be happy hehehe! What about you do you laugh together?


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