Back to School-A Special Time for Parents

Thanks for the post from Al Mills

When my kids go back to school is my favorite time of year. Working from home can be tough when you have kids running around the house screaming that they are bored or hungry or Henry stole Michelle's pancake. That's why buying school supplies is so special to me. It signifies to the kids that it is time to get back into their school bed time and that school will be starting. I always take them to the same store to pick out school supplies, because it is close to home. Even with the home security in Maryland system set, it makes me feel better knowing that I am close by if someone tries to break into my house when I'm gone because it is rare that my house is empty.
The kids love getting to pick colors of their supplies as well as the designs on their folders, notebooks and binders. I am just glad that we can use all school supplies as a tax write off because of our at home business. Having the whole day to work again will be so nice. I will get twice the amount of work done while they are in school. This year, my youngest child starts all day kindergarten, which will be extra nice. School is such a special time for a parent.


I always look forward for my boys starting up school.
I don't know how people home school there kids not going mad.

Coffee is on.

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