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I am happy to say that I consider myself fabulous 40!! Considering that I've reach this age with grace and confidence I could say one to thank for is my DH. He always and that's daily appreciate me a lot. From my looks even if some time I feel ugly and not feeling pretty. And oftentimes appreciate with how I do and did. It's one thing that some women was looking from their husband right? 
Anyhow, reaching this age I realized so many things. That my skin and body doesn't look like when I was in my 20's or even 30's. I realized that in this prime time everything change not just physically as well as being matured to see things properly in the right perspective. And so with all those realization on my head it came to my mind if I or friends consider to get cosmetic surgery to uplift some of those area that goes with the gravity ^_^. Some of my relatives and friends agreed some don't. Well that is somebody's choice and not dictated by someone. I was talking with my SIL  last night when she told me that she found a site for Cosmetic Surgeons Dallas. She was in Dallas, Texas for a vacation and she found out that they are really good and done very well with their customers. I tease her if she will entertain the idea to consider getting something fix, she only laugh and she told me she might. How cool is that!!


Life Moto said…
Manang batanga bata pa. ang mahalaga ay our heart feel young. diba. as of now we have to enjoy our 40s. God bless

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