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I was browsing my photo archive when I heard this sound that comes from my laptop and all of a sudden my laptop crashed! Are you kidding me..I was so surprised and get a little bit scared hehe. Well for the fact that I have not transfered all my photos to my external hardware that's why. Thankfully, it came back after I turn it off but what happened is, it is already imprinted at the back of my mind this laptop might crashed again, I don't know when uggh!!
Anyhow, I am blogging for 5 years now and I am looking for a company who do web hosting. I noticed that some of my blogger friends had it already and I am impressed by how good their blogs look. I once asked a friend about it and she refer me to this site hosting guide  and from there I got plenty of information and many of my questions are answered. But as a fickle minded as I am I wanted to dig more and asked more. Through my reading and research I found out that there is a website that give web hosing awards now that is a good deal. To have an award like this is something else. For sure nothing is hanky panky in that so I tried to look at it and read more. 


I've read about web hosting rating before and i was just wondering whether the ratings are verified or not?

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