Like wine?

What a long day today. Hubby and I just got home 30 minutes ago. The whole afternoon we were at my DHs grandson open house. The party started at 3:00 pm and we were there a little bit early so I helped putting the food on the table, arranging the chairs and also to those who wanted to drink wine I had fun opening the bottle with rogar wine openers

To those who drink wines either red or white, you have to see this beautiful champion wine opener they are beautiful and easy to handle. My step-son wife likes to have red or white wine in the evening. Most specially if they eat meat at night so she is most likely knew how to choose durable and good rogar wine openers. Before she used  those cheap wine opener where you screw the cork and sometimes the cork will fell down inside the bottle instead of going out. So when she sees in her sister's house their rogar corkscrews she asked her if they also had a wine opener. Lucky for her at that time the rogar for sale is online so she got one for her. Now she is having fun with it and that is what we used this afternoon. I told hubby what a good way to open a wine bottle, hubby said you need one? I think so too!! Haha!


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