I am so sleepy, we didn't even went to church today!! Yesterday after we attended the open house of my step-sons son we immediately went to Seymour Park to watched their fireworks display. We arrived the place just right in time when it was not too crowded yet. Hubby parked the car and I immediately spotted a hilly place for us and brought the two chairs. Then came one family and another couple beside us. I thought that the fireworks display will be in front of us, but when it started geez it's on our left side and it's so close to us it's overhead us. It was the best fireworks for this year that I have seen. And because it was overhead us I was leaning like almost lying down so I could get a good shot. And for the first time of my amateur photography I took 330 shots, my fingers got tired and it was shaking hahahaha. My hubby asked me why it was shaking, I said it's not an ordinary shots, everything is set differently because it's night time and since I don't have a tripod I had to hold my breath and hold my hands from shaking, then I have to click the shutter just right for the explosion to be done. That was not an easy job  hahahaha! Anyway, I have so many beautiful shots and here are some of it.

           Well those are just example of what I took last night, remember I have 300 shots of them!
                                                         Camera:Nikon D5000
                                                         Aperture F6.3
                                                         ISO 200
                                                         Shutter speed "bulb" mode
                                                         No tripod 
                                                         Manula Mode 


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