Funny t-shirts

When you are walking at the amusement park, state park or the malls, do you wonder where some people bought their funny t-shirts? Well I do. I found some of those t-shirts really funny and some a little off bit. Yesterday as hubby and I were strolling at the Fair I saw teen-agers and even adults wore those funny tshirts. And I get curious, thankfully my step-daughters son was with us and so I asked here where do they usually bought it. For I myself have teen-age nephew and young adult niece. ^_^
But what I have a hard time choosing something for my DH to buy is his clothing. I knew already where to buy his blue jeans but for his shirts I have a tough job doing it. If he is with me shopping I ended up buying for my own and none on his part geezz! Good thing online which he can't see I could browse Mens clothing and often time I found very good appealing cloths in there. After all the asking and trying to tell him that buying for his stuff is sometimes a priority hehe he would agree to me buying at least one haha. I guess he is fed up with my nagging ^_^


I had a friend who recived a catalog where one could by off beat comments on t-shirts I would read them and crack up laughing.
Coffee is on,
monkey jenn said…
Most of my clothes are funny t shirts. I've found that they make great ice breakers at parties. I even started designing my own for fun.
valfrid said…
It`s so real while i am saw the t shirts in the pictures..Funny T Shirts

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