Beautify your window

Are you the person who appreciates beautiful and colorful curtains? I do! Most specially if it is easy to handle easy to wash and not that heavy and expensive ^_^
I was in the store the other day and I was looking for colorful and light weight curtains and drapes. They have so many choices to choose from but some are too expensive for me and for at least six panels that I have to buy with the price above what I am going to spend that is too much so I didn't buy anything. But I did look around and also found a hardware for your window that is gorgeous but as I say it's beyond my budget. 
The last Saturday, while we were at my DH son's house for the open house I was in the kitchen with the bunch of women and while we were preparing for the food and arranging the tables and all our talked shifted to curtains, drapes and a hardware for your window.  As women we compare notes and my step-sons wife sister from New Jersey told us that she found this website for curtains, drapes and a hardware for your window that is affordable and it has so many items to choose from. True enough as soon as I got home I checked it out and it is really true. I can't help but admire each and every curtain from different designs, colors and textile. And the good thing too is that if you are in a tight budget they had this choices to sort if what you like a lowest price or higher price which is very helpful, right? I did look each and every one and I found everything is worth buying for and I already have an eye for some ^_^


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