Tarps for party

Woke up a little early today. Hubby fixed our breakfast then we started to prepare for church. On our way to church this it started to rain I thought it's just an ordinary rain. But when we get home I checked our local channel and there is a weather alert already. With what happened last year and some states I am already very conscious to my surrounding most specially when I heard the tornado siren, it scares me right away.  It started to rain when the phone rang and it was my SIL, she was asking if hubby has still the tarp that he used to cover the wood two years ago, because they were in another open house when it started to rain and they need tarps to cover the guest. What a deal to have a  party and you don't have anything to cover the guest. 
Yesterday, the weather was beautiful my DH's niece don't need to use their custom made tarps for her daughter open house. Sometimes you think that having this thing is a need but sometimes you think it's not. But with my experience it's better to have one at least the biggest one, who knows what happened when a tornado or storm comes at least if something happen to the house you have something to cover it right away. 


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