Glass tile store

Just got home from my BIL's granddaughter open house and it is hot today. Thanks to the breeze it doesn't feel so uncomfortable. Of course the food is good and many people were there some are relatives, friends and neighbors. I do like where their house is located though the road is on dirt road but it was kind of neat. Anyhow, I was inside the house and Sue showed me their new Tiles that they put in their new master bathroom. My reaction was WOW!! That Tiles is just gorgeous as in super neat and cool. She said it was her husband Clare who found out this kind of Tiles because he himself saw it in his friends house. 
Well to make the story short I am so in love with the Tiles I asked Sue what kind it is and she said the name of it is Subway Tiles. Hmmm what a name it sounds like yummy do you??? Over all I told her their new bathroom is really beautiful everything that she puts in their popped out  because of the tiles. It was worth the money spend I guess.


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