Take a break

It's Friday once again and how days goes by so quick it's another weekend. Last three weeks ago my step-sons wife invited us to watched the show of none other then the famous David Copperfield!! Yup him and if to everybody's information he is the most famous illusionist ever! My step-son wife bought her  ticket from David Copperfield Tickets online and we got the best seat. Hubby don't like watching live shows very close to the stage nor up there in the balcony. It's my first time to watched David Copperfield show and goodness sake how he manage to disappear 13 people and come out right in the balcony? And how he brought that beautiful car on stage? It was just awesome and I couldn't wait to watch another show from him.
When we got home from Friday fish and chips from Oakland Sportsman Club, my DH brother called him. He is the one who live in Texas and again he was offering us if we like to watch concerts or circus show. Of course, I want to watch any kind of shows specially if it is free lol!! Anyway, my BIL has already bought for us the U2 concert tickets and Ringling Brothers Circus tickets online and we are ready to go. Thanks to my BIL who is very generous enough to buy us tickets for any shows that he thinks we like and we are always grateful for that. Happy weekend!


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