SOOC-A good swing

Yesterday, hubby and I went to attend Hazin's 3rd Birthday party. Hazin is my DH grandson and the kiddie party was held at a park. After eating and some playing it was time for Pinata!! All the kids gathered around and of course the first swing is from the birthday celebrant. When it was time for the older kids to take their turns we had a good laugh.  Like this one he swings with all his might but he didn't know the pinata is on the ground haha.  

                                         More of Straight of the Camera Sunday  photos here


What a fun photo!
Happy Birthday to Hazin.
Jan said…
Fabulous action photo. Love it.
Sheri said…
LOL! That's why kids are so awesome! Great shot!
Carly said…
Sounds like a fun party!
Dave said…
lovely fun shot.

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