Schooling My Children Online

Thanks to Lauren Martin for the guest post.

My children are schooled at home and online. We have wildblue satellite internet to make sure they always stay connected to school when they need to. They use several sites but mostly We enjoy the education that they get online and know that no matter where we are in the United States their education standards always are appropriate for the state with wildblue satellite Utah.
We start our morning with breakfast and then move on to the core subjects for each child. The children do school on two different computers, so they can accomplish everything they need before 3 pm. Once they have language arts, history, science and math finished they go to supplemental websites to learn about other subjects.
Satellite internet is a wonderful place for children to get an education, especially if they travel around the country. The best time to learn for my children is anytime. Unlike a traditional school setting, they get an education that can happen at any time. They can research and learn about anything they want to besides their core subjects.
High School is a little different. They complete core subjects and electives as required for college prep. They are in an umbrella program, so we still use an online curriculum but they will be able to get a diploma from a private school. My children are proud to know that they have had a hand in their education and future.


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