ABC Wednesday~U


                         Sometimes no matter how careful a person are, accidents are Unavoidable.                      

                                                 More of ABC Wednesday photos here


Mar said…
Very clever and good choices, wishing U a lovely day.

U is for unoccupied
Sylvia K said…
Great choices for the U day! Enjoy and have a lovely week!

Scribbler said…
Undeniably kewl!
Mara said…
The unavoidable is a bit close to home! Only two weeks ago I hit a car myself... Mind you, I could have avoided it if I had only paid attention!
Great choices - I like them all. A
photowannabe said…
Yes some things are unavoidable. Poor car and poor rodent.
Good choice for U.
Unfortunate, tho unintentional.

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you! - ROG
Tumblewords: said…
Unfortunate - a terrific U choice. Excellent photos, as well and the header is a glorious banner of color!
Stan Ski said…
Only unattractive to the unattentive. Great photo's!
Paula Scott said…
Gosh, this is hysterical! Love the whimsy here! You brought a big smile to my face.
Gayle said…
Glad we don't have any of those unattractive critters where I live. Yikes!
ChrisJ said…
Well done. Thanks for visiting my blog on U. I posted a reply on my own blog comments, but it came up as from Barry, because I was using his laptop. So if you go back and read, look for Barry, not chrisj
Jayne said…
Now I'm intrigued: What is that 'unattractive' creature and why has it been pinned to a tree with what looks like a scroll of white fabric??! :D
Jay said…
Yes - what is that poor thing and why is it pinned there? :(

Gamekeepers used to hang 'vermin' up around their territory to 'warn off' the rest. They would kill rats, jays, foxes, birds of prey, etc to protect the pheasant (or other game bird) eggs they were rearing, and nail the bodies to a post or a tree. Nowadays some still do it, but don't advertise their illegal activites.

Anyway - great 'U' post, whatever the creature in the first pic is/was.
Willa said…
Nice items for U :)
I like your choices and they worked so well. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed strolling through your post and blog. I have become a follower.
*♥Shydub♥* said…
Very smart choices manang Kim. Ilike the first pic hehe so cute
Jama said…
Good choices for the letter U!
Ann said…
I hope whoever dented you car paid you for repairs.
Jingle said…
u means undone..

the opposite of unattractive is attractive,
which is what is for your post.

cool u post!
That are three not very happy "U", have a good weekend
Anna said…
Three unusual U-words with good photos to illustrate them. Unattractive-Unavoidable-Unattended. Rainy-day-words without an Umbrella!

Best wishes,

Anna's U-words

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