Regal cars

One time a friend told me that she better have a nice car than a very nice house. I asked her why is that and she answered to me it's because she is with her car all the time while the house she just came home to sleep, hahaha. That sounds so funny to me but that is what she likes so be it. Well that conversation was eight years ago and  I haven't heard anything from that friend since I came here in the US. 
Sometimes, I thought about what she said. Sometimes I could say it could be true or not but it depends on what is the priority of a certain person. Just like when I saw Buick Regal on the road. My heart skip like what I first saw my first crush when I was in elementary days hahaha. Then last week before my DH two grandson graduated high school, my step daughter gave a new Ford Fusion hybrid to her son, how sweet is that!!  We saw his excitement he couldn't contain his happiness he was blushing all over and he couldn't speak! We were teasing at him the whole day because he just didn't spoke to us he just has his smile all over his face the whole time. My step-daughter told us that even at night he couldn't sleep because he couldn't believe he has a new car!!
Isn't it nice to have a new car and show it to your friends lol!! Well that is what Adam had gain after through all this years who is making good at school. Last Sunday, after the graduation ceremony and while we were at the restaurant he told us that he was also thinking of other two cars  and that is  toyota sequoia and  volvo c70 which are also great cars but since what was given is free and it comes from his parents he accepted it wholeheartedly. 


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