Myrtle beach

I woke up today hearing the birds chirping and the sun is sunny. Well today is the beginning of summer wohooo!! That means long day light and more time to spend outside, like just lounging at the deck with hubby sipping cold team how is that! 
Last Saturday, my DH's children came here at the house for a Father's day cooked out. They cleaned the yard, hubby mowed the lawn and they picked up the twigs and branches that fell off from last night tornado, whewww!! Sunday, we went to my DH granddaughter's daughter 1st birthday and stayed there the whole afternoon again with the bunch of family members. We were there when the discussion shifted to where everybody is going to spend their vacation time. Many likes to visit Myrtle beach in South Carolina because some of them have been there already. My step-son told us that when him and his wife was there they had a fun playing golf. Myrtle beach golf courses is so beautiful that you'd think you are somewhere outside the country.  Myrtle Beach golf packages are just great that in this time and economy you can still play gold and don't come out broke, lol! Everybody was curious about what my step-son was sharing to us and he gave to us the website to go and everybody was anxious to see what is good stuff waiting for them there. Well, it's time to enjoy the sun for sooner than later it will be Fall!!


Tracy F. said…
It sounds like you had a fun day! I love the beach, too!
Baba said…
Kim, have a funtime at the beach with your family.I enjoyed a week at the beach with my daughter and family..hugs, Baba

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