Anything blue

Okey so I started with one blue jar a very small one. But then as I looked around here in blogland, many bloglings had very beautiful blue dishes. Then I started to look for some in garage sale, rummage sale, yard sale and so on. Luckily, through this years I find great pieces. I am not in a hurry to buy or got dishes and accumulate it all, I waited  for the right time and don't want to spend money too, but sometimes I just got lucky. The first jar is where Japanese put their sake on it ($2), the four set of dishes (with cups and saucer) it's $4 that makes a $1 each, and the jar is ($1). The guy who own this is so nice to gave me the 2 blue dishes that had no cups and saucers, free, I was happy!!

At the back of the plates I find this name

This is one of the two plates that the guy gave me they are more darker blue than the four plates. And I knew why because it comes from a different company.
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Lovely finds! :) I am partial to blue and white. Visiting from Rhoda's party. :)
Charlene Austin said…
They are all so pretty!! Great finds.
Debbie said…
Very pretty Kim...Blue is my favorite color...I think I have shown most all mine for Blue Monday already:) Oh well will have to get more.
You got your blue jars and plates at very cheap prices. That's the favor of God and man. Happy Father's Day to your hubby and to your father in the Phils. Hope you had a very meaningful Father's Day celebration. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
Wonderful finds. I love blue and white dishes.
Jingle said…
cute blue plates...
they are delicate.
SmilingSally said…
Oh Kim, soon you will have a houseful of beautiful blue and white pieces. (I love them too!)

Happy Blue Monday.
Van said…
This blue and white Asian collection is so very gorgeous- love it!
Anonymous said…
Since starting to read more blogs and attend blog link parties, I also have been looking more at dishes. I have some sets I love, but now there is a thrill to the hunt.
The blue and white Willow dishes were a grocery store premium a while back. You could build your set week by week as you did your food shopping.
☺lani☺ said…
Wow those are nice! I love them all!
I love blue and white, and a friend of mine used to collect this. It got to the point that she had to sell part of her collection or risk having to move! lol! It is addictive, and I can understand why.

Loved yours!

Happy Blue Monday...


Sheila :-)
Loui♥ said…
I too love the blue and white combination.
such lucky finds!
thanks for visiting!
warm sandy hugs..
Pie said…
They are so pretty!

Happy Blue Monday.

I played too. Mine is here.
Anonymous said…
Happy 1st day of Summer and Blue Monday to you, Kim :)
Anonymous said…
Those are some of my favorite blue dishes. And such good prices!

Thanks for stopping by to visit. Happy Blue Monday.
Dhemz said…
awwwwww...what a great deal time mokuyog ko nimo...ehehehe....I am collecting asian jars and other asian stuff...ehehhehe!

salamat sa dalaw...:)
Debra Kaye said…
Those are just beautiful! Happy Blue Monday :)
Wendy said…
Gorgeous! I love blue & white!
Dena E's Blog said…
I also agree, these dishes are gorgeous Sweetie...Beautiful arrangements you have too...Thanks for the note this morning..Blessings and Hugs Dena
Great finds!! So pretty
Eden said…
Those are gorgeous, Kim! Really great finds.

Happy Blue Monday.
Anni said…
Blue and white dishes are always looking good, never going out of fashion - lovely collection you've got there!
I love these blue dishes!!!!! I have some of the cups with saucers but haven't found the plates! Love them! Be blessed. Cindy
Diann said…
Beatufiul finds in those dishes! you know I love my blue and white dishes so, these just made my heart sing!
Natasha said…
Great stuff! You did really well. I love anything blue and white too!

Best wishes,
Fe said…
looks all cute talaga
Sherrie said…
Who doesn't love Blue & White china. It is classic, always has been and I think always will be. So great to decorate with. Thanks for sharing.

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