Moving to New Jersey

I recently moved from a small town in Pennsylvania to a place called Colonia, New Jersey. I was a little afraid of the move, since I was not used to bigger cities. I am used to being able to leave my car doors unlocked and letting my children play outside without worrying. I did not know what to expect when I moved to Colonia, New Jersey as I heard it was a bigger city with much more crime. I also had an idea in my head of what New Jersey holds, as I have heard many stories that the crime rate is extremely high.
I knew as soon as I moved there I would invest in a home security alarm through Securitychoice.Com. I even considered getting a guard dog, even though I am petrified of dogs. I felt that these two steps would make me feel much safer in my new home, especially because my husband works late hours.
When I went looking for homes I was shocked. Colonia is a very safe and quiet area. The neighborhood was very quiet and clean and there were parks within walking distance. It just proves that you cannot judge a city until you actually move there. I would definitely recommend living in Colonia, New Jersey.

This post by my aunt, Lacey McDonald.


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