Love to travel?

It's beautiful day today. Went outside to checked my flowers and go around to feel the fresh air, I love summer here in Michigan. Well we haven't reach 100F and I so not wishing it though. Anyway, it's summer and people everywhere is thinking where to go and spend their vacation time. Some like to go locally, some likes to visit different states and some do like to visit other country. If somebody would like to ask me where I like to visit, of course I like to visit first my home country the Philippines. Then the second country that I like to visit is United Kingdom then France.
 I have a friend there who works for quite some time now and she kept on asking me when I am going to visit her. When we had a chance to chat she showed me pictures and I so love it. Her mother just visited her last month and even she lives in London for six years now she ask a services of London walking tours and she never regretted it. London private tour brought them to places that she never been to and she never heard of hahaha.  I told her how come she never knew those places and she told me she worked the whole week and if she likes to have some time spree she just go to the park where most of the people usually go. She was happy she and her mother had a good time roaming around the city and just enjoying the stores and shopping. Because without a walking tours London she could never found those shops and places that now she knew it's there for her to go back and enjoy. 


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