In front of the camera

Last month was the wedding of my DH youngest son and we are done with all the weddings. But of course grandsons and granddaughters are not counted with that statement lol! I've been to so many weddings but the wedding of my step-son last month was I could say was the best so far! We always heard nothing is perfect and yes I agree there are some flaws but over-all it was planned really nicely. I was amazed by how professional are their photographer and videographer. We were in the middle of merry making when the videographer showed us  what happened at the church and it was made really nicely. Just what happened to my other DH nephew's wedding at Austin,Texas few years ago who asked the professional help of  Video Production in Austin TX which same as my step-son wedding it came out really beautiful. 
That's why my DH grandson's and granddaughter's who are planning to get married in the near future they are already thinking of hiring a professional videographer so that their wedding are well documented in good taste. Why not!!


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