Good year tires

Just come home from grocery shopping and and though the morning here started with a bit of a drizzle but it the sun came out anyway. Last night there was another thunderstorm south of MI and though I slept early  I woke up with a thunder and that is what I don't like ^_^ I am scared of thunder and lightning that I would like to sleep under the bed haha. Anyway, after Summer it would be Fall and it's about time to check our tires. I found out that online we  could find cheap goodyear tires and it has a reasonable price. Hubby once told me that car tires are important specially here in MI where we had plenty of snow in Winter and if we don't check or take care of it our lives depend on these simple tires that sometimes we do neglect to check. So hubby this weekend is going to check our tires if it's still good for Winter weather comes.


Great blog..i love reading it..keep it up regards and have a good one!

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