Credit cards

Are you a person who can't live with out a credit cards? Some do opted to have debit cards over credit cards but is there really a  best credit cards? Well if you click in here best credit cards you will find out that there is. And it is up to you to weight down which is which anyway you are responsible in everything you spend. Remember it is easy to shop and drop but kind of hard to start paying hehehe.  But I think it is also nice to have at least one credit card because if you go on like a vacation we don't carry a lot of cash right? If we have cash it would not to attract peoples interest but at least to buy something that is needed along the vacation. I already eradicated some of the credit cards and try to live with one. What about you? 


It is best to have a reliable credit card for emergency and essential purchases. We just have to manage our credit card well so that we may not overshoot our budget.
Manang Kim said…
You are absolutely right Mel. Thanks for dropping by!

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