Car connection

Yesterday hubby and I attended the graduation of my DH two handsome grandson's. Since I came here in the US I already attended many open houses but attending their graduation, this is my first. The graduation ceremony was located at Oakland University. When we arrived in the area wow many cars are already there we had to walk. As we walked going to the venue area I had fun looking those beautiful cars. First that caught my attention is Porsche oh men it's gorgeous I feel like I am drooling lol. The second one is infiniti m price it has a silver gray color and I knew for sure the inside is loaded with good things to explore. Hubby was so in a hurry to get to the venue I lost track some of the good cars parked in that parking lot. 
But last Thursday, as we were headed for grocery shopping we passed by a house that has a garage sale sign, geez I couldn't believe by how many cars are parked in front of their house trying to find a good deal. I later found out that they are moving out of the state so they want to get rid as many stuff as they want. I then noticed two cars that are seated in their driveway, one is Kia and the other one is Ford Focus price they are also gorgeous looking cars. What about you guys are you amazed by how many nice and gorgeous cars are there on the road each day? Try to look and maybe you find your kind of car. ^_^


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