Wilmington NC Apartments

Hubby and I just got home from a birthday dinner at Whiteys Restaurant. It's my SIL's birthday bash and there were a bunch of us there. We almost fill up one room of that restaurant ^_^. The food was good and since it's Friday and the specialty of that  restaurant is fish we all get fish! Anyhow, what was the nicest part is to meet again my hubby's nieces and nephews who live at the south part of MI. One of my SIL's grandson who just married last year is looking for at  Wilmington NC apartments  since him and his wife are going to transfer residency this summer. Well everybody wants to help and so they are very glad that they have the support of the family. 
The new couple were so happy and they told us how happy they are to transfer down south but of course they are also feeling homesick already specially that my hubby's family and relatives get along good and do help each other. And one thing that they are so grateful enough is that how easy to find a place specially at Wilmington NC apartments area. It was a great place so they say and it is close to every place that they wanted to hang out. As we parted ways tonight we tell them that we just here and in case they need help they can call us anytime. That is what family are, right?


I looove Wilmington. We used to live in Jacksonville NC and drove there every Saturday to spend the day by the beach or walking down town. Beautiful place. Good luck to your relatives, I know they will find the perfect home.

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