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Last night we had a birthday dinner for my SIL at Whiteys Resto in Davison. While there my SIL's sons came and her grand kids. One of her grandson just graduated an IT course and he is thinking of putting a new business of course it would be online with his course. He told me he is a bit of nervous for the fact that now a days we are experiencing tough times in terms of economy. But his father encourage him that is why he is looking for store fixture that he could easily afford. He told me he doesn't want to start his business with debt he would have a hard time paying them if his business will not kick of immediately.


Guy Jonsson said…
Hi Manang Kim,
Thanks for visiting my photo on SkyWatch Friday. ( )
A friend and I, who share a passion for photography, have started a site called
Everyday Life Around the World.
This is about sharing little pieces of your everyday life with people all over the world. There will be a new theme each week. The theme will be presented on Sunday and then you have the whole following week to post your picture.
The theme for this week is “A typical house in my village/town!”
I hope to see a house from the place where you live.
Best wishes
Guy Jonsson

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