Waste Management in Sydney

Few days ago we just celebrated Earth day and with out little ways our household did contribute to make out Mother Earth clean. Of course, I started cleaning up putting in the proper bin all those recyclable stuff and non recyclable stuff. I put in a sack all those cellophane bags and  soon I am going to bring it back to the grocery store since they have a plastic bin there specially for cellophane or plastic bags. Then of course, I planted more plants and will be going to plant another fruit trees  this year. I vow to myself that every year at least I plant one tree or shrubs by doing it after 5 to 10 years I will have plenty of fruit trees.
Anyhow, my friend just came from a month long vacation in Australia particularly in Sydney where her Aunt lives for 30 years. In our chat over the internet she told me how she admire their waste management in Sydney. The place where her Aunt lives is so clean and what she also noticed is that how everybody take a time to collect and put away the stuff that can be recycle or not. When she was there she help her Aunt do the weekly cleaning and a company who has a truck who gets all her stuff is there to collect every week! All she could say is that rubbish removal in Sydney is awesome. It does help you get rid all of your stuff and at the same time it easy for the people in Sydney to contact them because they have a website on  the internet. My friend told me how she wish there is something like that in her country too. Because by taking care of our environment is taking care of ourself too.


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