Teachers in Pinas

May 10, 2010 would be the National election day in the Philippines. For the past few days I am watching and listening two nightly news in the Philippines and I noticed that there are so many problems that are going on for the fact that it would be four days more to go till election day. I saw this teacher being interviewed, she said that she encountered a lot of whining and complaining on the day of the election and she was ready to it. She said in her experienced, their are some voters  who came  who vote and when the teacher put an indelible ink in her finger she won't allow it because the voter has a fresh manicured fingers lol!!
When I saw all the chaos and complains, I feel for the teachers. My mother was a teacher for 36 years and I remember every time it is election day she is too stressed out  and too tired. Where can you find an election day that would last 1 to two days without rest huh!! One time I went to the precinct assigned to my mother I could tell she is tired and the two other teachers with her. That is why in the Philippines, teachers are so beat up in time of election day. They deserve to have a raise of their salary. It's a career that takes a lot of determination and endurance. Wake up Philippines vote for the right person!


kat said…
Aray ko..tinamaan ako hahaha..i remember the last time i voted, i had my new manicure, i asked the teacher if okay lang na di na ako mag pa-ink. (of course, i know na hindi pwede, nag bakasakali lang lol), tinarayan ako, so tinarayan ko din nga sagot..nyak im a bad voter hehe.

Thanks anyway for your nice comment Kim hehe
Manang Kim said…
Hahahaha at natawa ako dito Kat. Baka ikaw yung pinatamaan nang teacher na na interview sa GMA hahaha. Next time magpa manicure ka after mag vote hahaha. Thanks sa comment, appreciated!

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