Submit Edge reliable?

I've been blogging for five years now and through all those years I just a mere blogger.  I blog hopped to different websites and I did found friends at the same time found not so nice people too, lol! But oh well, that is life anywhere you go there are some people who are nice and some are not. But most of who I knew are positively nice. But as I have said through all those years I am just a blogger. Never in my whole life did I join some forums or bloggers forums site so I could create more traffic on my blog site. But then last year I was curious because I noticed that many bloggers do have banners in their site like Link Building service. And because I was curious I asked this friend of mine how it goes. And she did explained to me a lot of things because I had so many questions. One thing she told me is that I should submit my blog to SEO firm so I could create a traffic and then later on it will make my rank goes a bit higher. By then if I wrote something that somebody would pay they will then noticed that my page rank is high because their is a traffic going on.
So I started joining forums and sites who paid for my write ups. She told me to look the website of Submit Edge if I found it alright for me. So I did browse the site and I found it very interesting and it does helps a lot for all my blogs. So my friend continued to tell me that she used Submitedge to all her blogs because it was  reliable and since she submit her blogs she had a good high ranking on all her blog. It does pay to asked and looked around. There are so many websites around telling us that their sites would help us bloggers but later on it never did help any. Somehow, now I am enjoying what my friend had told me. She did help me a lot and thankfully I did listened to her and I am happy of the result. ^_^


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