Transport your car

Don't you know that hubby likes to buy a car in ebay? Well, he found it a bit cheaper and most  specially those cars that comes from the south part of the country, are not rusty. He also like a used car that has a lower used of mileage and still in it's prime beauty. One time he was tinkering in ebay and all of a sudden he sees this beautiful blue gmc suburban. He click and enlarged the picture that was provided on the page and he found it neat and well taking cared of. So he contacted the seller, made his price and voila he got it. Now the issue is that he got our suburban car from Texas hahaha! Hundreds of miles away but thankfully the seller know a car shipping who goes from coast to coast and they deliver right at your door. And that is what happened to our suburban car we just waited for their call that they are already in Michigan and there it is my hubby's suburban. It's really cool thinking that all the transaction is in the phone and internet. Then few days after the car is already here delivered in good shape and all. Hubby told me one time if he need another car he is going to get it again down south. Good for him lol!!


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