Shadow shot Sunday

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Sylvia K said…
What an exquisite shadow shot! Love the colorful blossoms! Terrific capture! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

anka said…
Lovely flower. And the atmosphere in the image is so calm.
What a beautiful shadow shot..The flower,Orchid, is wonderful.
Happy SSS.
EG Wow said…
The orchid is beautiful!
Diane AZ said…
Really lovely how the shadows create new shapes. :)
Patti said…
You found some great shadows in this lovely purple orchid.

Happy shadow seeking this week!
chubskulit said…

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Musta na po? Wow! your orchids are well cared kasi it really looks healthy, da vah?

Nice shot.

GB and have an enjoyable Sunday.
Spadoman said…
Simply fabulous!
jabblog said…
Gorgeous shadows on your orchid.
fredamans said…
I love the color of your orchid! Great shadow!
BLOGitse said…
Beautiful shot!

Happy SSS from Casa,
have a great week ahead!

That is one of the prettiest flower shots we've seen - love it!!
MyMaracas said…
Pretty! Love the sun shining through the petals.
Paula Scott said…
That shot is enough to leave anyone speechless! Absolutely lovely!
Sammy said…
Just beautiful!! Great shot
tatess said…
ang ganda ng flower
Beverley Baird said…
What a gorgeous flower! Great shadow shot!

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