DC shoes

Just got home from fish and fry Friday at the sportsman's club. After dinner we went at the back part of the sportsman club since somebody invited us to look at the dramatization of people  about living the life in the 1800's to 1900's. When we were in the area I was amazed by how beautiful the tents are. All the utensils, pots and pans are really a replica or not the real thing way that era. It was really fun going around all the tents and meeting the people there. The tour guide told us that tomorrow is more beautiful since people are going to wear the costume on that era. So they are deliberately prepare to do  things in that era too. That is when my husband cousin's told us that she is going to bring up her grandsons in order for them to see the real tent before other modern tent had been created. I asked her why her three grandsons didn't come for fish and fry today and she told me that their mom shopped them for a new DC shoes for skating. But tomorrow we are going to meet them at the sportsman club to see them practice skating. Hope the three boys are going to win next week. Crossing my fingers!


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