Queen Torrent

It's a beautiful day today. Hubby plowed two spot in our area and the other spot is huge. It was the spot where I used to have my garden. Then we checked my peaches and among the three peach  trees that I planted only one is bearing. Hubby and I are planning to get more bearing fruits specially black cherries since it's my hubby's favorite.
Just like here in the internet .So many search engine are popping out from here and there but what is your favorite. Do you like a search engine that is a download software easy or a search engine that is very complicated. Because for me, since I knew about internet I would love to have a search engine that is easy  and not complicated. What is more appealing to me is when it is neat and clean looking and not so many extra writing. And I found one search engine like that and I am so happy about it. ^_^


ilovepink1078 said…
Sis, I will try this. Again, for dropping by.
Pink Go Green
MAPEH homepage
THank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful garden crop this year too.

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