My Mother's day card

Do you like to received cards specially from your hubby? For me yes and no! LOL! Yes, in the sense that when hubby bought a card for me the contents speaks for itself and I am so happy about it. No, because cards are getting expensive and I know hubby can do write good poem but he is just lazy to do it lol! But yesterday he surprised me. He gave me a bunch of pink flowers, a chocolates and a card. The content of the card is so beautiful I kissed her cursively hahahahahaha! If you knew what I mean lol!! Here is the message.

Isn't it so heart warming message more so the signature "to the sexiest moma" hahaha. I so love my hubby he is the best husband ever. He prepare breakfast to me everyday and now he is good in cooking rice already haha. No day that pass that we don't laugh at our teasing and jokes. He always kiss me in the morning and say how pretty I am. Now how could you not  have a good self worth and self confident with that huh!! To you my LH thank you and we will grow old together as we promise!-wink-wink


Rubz said…
very sweet naman talaga..your blessed to be Mother and wife! ingat po!
Kayce said…
Wow! how sweet talaga of your hubby... you are indeed a Blessed Mother to your family. God bless!

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