Howard computers

It's Monday again how time flies we are almost in the middle of the year!! Today we had a sunny day though the wind is chilly but at least the dark clouds last few days ago is being replace by a bright blue sky. The last few days I was kind of a little bit worried because we had thunderstorm and lightning and one time we had hail! And I don't like hails it scares me. But one thing that concern me if there is a storm coming or the rain is heavy with lightning and thunderstorm is our custom computers. Few years ago, hubby's custom computer crash and when we went to a computer repair store, I was surprised to see how many custom computers were there.
In this time and generation, almost everybody has custom laptops specially the students. My SIL who is in Texas told me that her computer at home was in no good already. I told her that it is time for her to buy a new one and since she travels a lot I told her she'd better buy a new custom laptop. We all need computers now a days, most specially we do banking and paying bills online. Though we have to be careful about identity theft and all those crap in the internet, I told my SIL to just don't go to any website that you don't know nothing about. She said her husband is not into computers but when she told him that she is going to get a custom laptop he change his mind lol! Well welcome to the internet world!


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