Xoom rate

I was so shocked as of this writing because I opened my account at xoom to send money in the Philippines. Now what got me shocked is because their rate is just 43.++ pesos for a $1 gush that is too way low. I like xoom because it's cheap to send money but their exchange rate is too low. I am thinking of getting back to Western Union but I have to look at it tomorrow since it is almost 10:00 pm here and I am kind of tired already from the party. 


My wife also want to send her remittance to us via xoom but when I inquired about their exchange rate, it was 43.60 to the dollar way, way below the official exchange rate. The best way is o send via Western Union and instruct those who will receive it to exchange it via Villarica pawnshop. You can send the remittance in dollars and the recipient can exchange to peso where their exchange rate is way above the exchange rate of Western Union. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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