Game time

It's Saturday once again and it's our family brunch time. This time I went out with hubby usually I just stayed home since I can cooked myself what I can find in the restaurant for breakfast/lunch. We were in the restaurant when it started to have little bit of flurries but thankfully it didn't get through I was praying it wouldn't I already like the feeling of Spring time. It was kind of chilly outside and I am wearing flip-flops with no jacket on. At the table, we were talking about how technology is going higher and higher you can't even keep up. Those old timers who don't like computers had a hard time figuring it out now than before with all those new browser coming like new every time. Our discussion shifted to playing games and more specially that my step-sons honeymoon next month will be in Las Vegas. He likes and a bunch of my DH relatives love to play poker and we talked about downloading games like PokerStars Download and that you can even get a PokerStars bonus code with that. He explains it all to the old timer folks and the are just so amazed how can a new technology do all that, in just in the comfort of your home. And a Full Tilt Poker Download is what he do like most it is easy and it is just there right there in your computer. 
It was kind of fun discussing this new things that are happening to us now. Somebody even says that emailing won't not be here any longer but still I do like it. I have said to my hubby everything that we like to find is just right there in the internet just one click and you'll be there. So why not use it, right?


♥ Kathy said…
I can't imagine emailing going away. I get hundreds of emails a day! I play some games online too :)

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