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Yesterday, was the best day so far in this month of April. Here in MI the temperature reaches to 81F and it does so feel good. I opened all the windows and do my spring cleaning in the kitchen and the back room. After cleaning I started to update my blog here. As I blog hop I noticed that some of my friends had their own domain already. I was thinking where they got it and how much do they pay for it. I am planning to have my own domain but don't know where to start and how to start. I wanted to know if when I own my own domain if I could chance it from time to time because I like to do that so my blog won't look bland. And I am looking for budget hosting domain because I have 4 blogs that I maintain and I do love to change the look of it from time to time. Well, right now I am still in the process of searching and comparing the rates and knowing how it works is fun to do. I don't want a domain that I can't tweak at least the simple tweaking is all I can do. But yes, I am so determined to have my own domain and I today I will start to look for the right one. Crossing my fingers!


Euroangel said…
crossing my fingers too! love the pix in ur header..and your camera..is that Nikon? lol!
♥ Kathy said…
Yahoo offers domains for like a buck a year and I used to use host gator when I had my own domain. You can make it look any way you want :)

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