Do you have any idea how expensive new textbooks are? My niece in the Philippines is now in her 4th year nursing and since first year she bought new textbooks every time teachers required them to buy one.  At first, it was not that too expensive but as she finished the first year in nursing and started to have major subjects that is when I told her, those textbooks are so expensive!! I asked her one time if there are available sell textbooks in their school or those students who are done with the certain subjects and she said sometimes there is but most of the time they had to order it to another city, gush!
Comparing here in the US my DH niece who just graduated last December in her nursing school told us that she was so thankful that there are many sell textbooks online or even in some local stores. What she do is to find it online and what ever comes first  she will immediately bought it because if she is going to buy it as new, it is so expensive. I so wish that this style will gonna happen in the Philippines too because basing on my experienced, after I graduated all my accounting books were just in the corner and rot. If only I can sell textbooks at that time I don't hesitate to do it.


♥ Kathy said…
My college sold both new and used textbooks. I always preferred the used textbooks because they had notes in them from the last person that took the class. Those notes were very helpful when I wasn't understanding something!
We to sold and bought new and used books. So does my son.
I even seen college test on amazon.

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