A photo to remember..

Less than a month now my DH son is going to be married to his long time fiancee. I was in his fiancee's bridal shower last Sunday and  I asked her how's the details of her oncoming wedding. She told me that everything looks fine now they already have a good photographer for wedding because she said those photos should be beautiful so they hired a very good one. I told her I can't blame her that is the only thing that oftentimes we keep forever in our hearts. 
I don't know but not all photographers, I guess, has the skills to capture great moment specially in the wedding. Photography for wedding is for me should be classic and elegant that is why if I see a wedding photo that is really captured really well I do ask who is the photographer, lol! Because it takes skill to do it. I love photography, and knowing that their are among us the top wedding photographers in our midst makes my jaw drop. I would be so gladly like to watch them how they work and just watch!! Going back to my DH son's wedding, yes they are so ready for the big day. I guess everything are all set and everybody is waiting for the day to happen. 


louisebah said…
Hope the photos come out great!! :) Wishing the couple a joyful blessed life together! :)

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