Yay, today I went to a bridal shower party, my friends daughter is going to get married this coming May and the first time I met her daughter she was like a little girl. Of course, where ever  the Filipino party is, there is always a food around too. After the chit-chatting and picture taking everybody agreed to have a girls night out. So we went to a bar/disco house and we dance our heart out. It was really fun and I had a good time.
When I get home I immediately checked my email, I haven't took off my make-up and everything I was already in my laptop checking. Anyhow, in my email my step-daughter wrote to me about her taking a  social work exam this week and she needs me to help her.  I don't have a problem with that I told her, I can help her by reviewing her and reading with her. The social work exam is what she is being scared of she is thinking right now she might not make it. But I told her to be just calm and relax. I knew she is going to make it, shes been reviewing for quite sometime but we all knew that if we take an exam, that is very normal to be nervous. I knew she is prepared and I knew that what she needs now is a support and so I am going to give it to her. 


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