I've been here in US for almost six years now but not once  that I tried snowboarding. First, because I am so afraid I might broke any bones in my body. Second, it is kind of hard to walk back up then go down again lol. Third, DH don't want to come to me. So every time I see a little hill and it is covered with a lot of snow I do really told my hubby how I wish to try snowboarding.
Last week, we are hit by too much snow. I didn't knew that hubby called his grandson to come to our house. When Alex and his friends came they were carrying snowboards, I immediately got an idea what they are into.  I just laughed, at the backed of my mind I knew this will be it. But deep inside I had doubts and a little bit scared too. I was thinking I am already too old for this kind of sports. But what the heck I should have to try it. They were so ready because they brought with them extra snowboards and geez mine has a pretty color. So I immediately change my dress and off we go.  We didn't go far though, we were snowboarding on the property my step-son owned. I was satisfied enough of what I did, I knew the feeling and it was great.


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